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What is FileToVox ?

FileToVox is a console program which allow you to convert a file into a vox file (Magicavoxel).

Current files support:

  • .asc (Esri ASCII raster format)
  • .binvox
  • .fbx
  • .csv
  • .json (House-made format)
  • .obj
  • .ply (Binary and ASCII)
  • .png
  • .schematic
  • .tif
  • .qb (Qubicle)
  • .xyz (X Y Z R G B)
  • folder (of .PNG)

FileToVox can import a folder of images (.PNG) where each image is a layer. (Useful for import fractals from Mandelbulb3D)

It support world region, so you can convert a terrain bigger than 126^3 voxels !


Please read the documentation of FileToVox here

Video Tutorials