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Pokémon Showdown Dex

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This is a repository for Pokémon Showdown's Pokédex.

This is what runs dex.pokemonshowdown.com.


Important features include:

  • Instant search - start typing and search results will appear instantly

  • Filter search - in the Pokémon search tab, type "prankster, twave" and press Enter to get a list of Pokémon with Prankster that can learn Thunder Wave

  • Panel UI - clicking on anything will load it in a new panel to the right, for ease of navigation

  • Good layout - get at important information with much less scrolling compared to most other Pokédexes

  • Basic inexact search - type "pikaku" and Pikachu will still appear

  • Abbreviation search - type "hjk" to match High Jump Kick

  • Nickname search - type commonly-used community names like "pdon" to match Primal Groudon


You can make and test changes simply by opening testclient.html.


This dex is distributed under the terms of the AGPLv3.

WARNING: This is NOT the same license as Pokémon Showdown's server.