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Zaretto FlightGear Aircraft Models

Aircraft directory contains the FlightGear aircraft models by Richard Harrison

F-14B - see JSBSim aero model and improvements to original f-14b by xii, flying_toaster;

F-15 - C and D variants. JSBSim aero model, external model by flying_toaster; cockpit photo textures by geneb.

Contributions are welcomed. If there's something you want to improve or fix raise an issue here. If you know what you want to do then spell it out in the issue.

Branches are as follows:

  • master is generally where I do most of the development. the
  • develop I use only for large changes (to keep master free from in development breaking changes).
  • flightgear-release branch is generally what I use to make the archives that are distributed on my page.

It is best if you reference the issue in the commit or pull message.

So to summarise;

  • communicate by raising an issue
  • contribute by making the changes to the master branch, test and then when you're happy generate a pull request
  • wait for the pull request to be reviewed and accepted.