Generator of Pulp SF Universes
Latest commit 71d4511 Mar 14, 2012 @Zarkonnen + post-collapse needs pop img upd
+ pollution orb should fill up faster
+ planet <-> civ bidirectional link now unidirectional
+ pointless confirm pre adv text display
+ "the 2 billion enslaved x are enslaved"
+ seccessisson should transfer tech and weapon tech level!
+ not enough lifeforms, too many civs too early
+ adv actions require confirm even if no text
+ make colonisation a bit more frequent and ensure it has no weird prerequisites that stop it most of the time
+ were drawing numbers on the master version of government icons
+ positioning of arriving agents is wrong
+ govt change requires pop img update
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A pulp SF universe generator inspired by How to Host a Dungeon and the Dwarf Fortress worldgen.

Licensed under the Apache 2 licence. Feel free to add to or modify!