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Hej Youtube, whats going on in the world?

Cloud Player Teaser

This is a 22h hackathon project created at ValHacks 2018. Browse the world and see all the livevideos that are broadcasted nearby the location on YouTube.

Start the App

Main repository

This project is borrowing code from our main project Cloud-Player to realize the YouTube playback part. Check out our free music player that can play YouTube and SoundCloud tracks


Microsoft Bing Maps V8 Control is used to let the user choose a location on the map. The Microsoft Locations Api is used to resolve the location into a Country name to display it in the header.

The selected location is send to the Youtube Data Api to get live videos that are currently broadcasted within a radius of 1000km.

timezonedb API is used to get the current timezone of the selected location to show the current time in that country.

The application is build with TypeScript and Angular5

Run it locally

  • Clone Repository
  • Set API keys
    • Open the file api-keys.ts
    • Setup the API Keys. You can get the API keys for free.
      • Create a YouTube API key here
      • Create a Bing API key here
      • Create a TimezoneDB API key here
  • Run npm install
  • Run npm start