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Sexy convenience for customizing your Couch DB nodes as you need
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Couch Gears: A sexy convenience for customizing your Couch DB nodes as you need

In short, Couch Gears is a spatial extension for Apache CouchDB based on Dynamo and tries to make the most out of this wonderful marriage of technologies.

Status: under active development and scoping (YOU're welcome!)

Current version:

  • latest stable: 0.7 (tested on Erlang R15B;R16B/Elixir 0.8.1/CouchDB 1.2.2;1.3.2)

Current roadmap: Github Issues/Milestones

Inspiration gist:

Installation Quickstart

After downloading, type:

make setup              # get-deps compile test
make test               # start a unit tests
make get-couchdb-deps   # Optional: clone couch db 1.2.x git from apache repos if you want to use a Couch DB as dependency
make setup-dev-couchdb  # Optional: install a development CouchDB, so you can use a `deps/couchdb/utils/./run -i` command for starting the development DB
make acceptance         # Optional: start an acceptance tests, requires a development CouchDB

After passed tests, put in couch_gears to couchdb bash:

COUCH_GEARS_PA_OPTIONS="-pa /path/to/couch_gears/current/ebin"

configure a Couch DB local.ini config:

couch_gears={'Elixir-CouchGears-Initializer', start_link, [[{env, <<"dev">>}]]}

create your first hello_world gear application:

# exports local elixir dependency to the PATH
export PATH=$PATH:deps/elixir/bin
mix gear

# or use `elixir` commands directly
deps/elixir/bin/elixir deps/elixir/bin/mix gear

start a Couch DB server:

deps/couchdb/utils/./run -i # or
couchdb -i

That is it:

curl -H"Content-Type: application/json"
=> {"ok":"Hello World"}

Walk-through hello_world application

Check the origin Dynamo Walk-through documentation.

HelloWorldApplication module defined at apps/hello_world/config/application.ex which is your specific CouchGears.App initializer.

defmodule HelloWorldApplication do
  use CouchGears.App

  config :gear,
    handlers: [
      # Handles request which doesn't belong to any kind of `db`
      # global: true,

      # Sets a particular `db` names which application should handle
      # dbs: [:a, :b]
      # Sets a `dbs: :all` option which belongs to all available `dbs`
      dbs: :all

  config :dynamo,
  # Compiles modules as they are needed
  # compile_on_demand: true,
  # Reload modules after they are changed
  # reload_modules: true,

  # The environment this Dynamo runs on
  env: CouchGears.env,

  # The endpoint to dispatch requests too
  endpoint: ApplicationRouter

  # The environment specific options
  environment "dev" do
    config :dynamo, compile_on_demand: true, reload_modules: true

  environment %r(prod|test) do
    config :dynamo, compile_on_demand: true, reload_modules: false

ApplicationRouter defined at apps/hello_world/web/routes/application_router.ex

defmodule ApplicationRouter do
  use CouchGears.Router

  # Application level filters

  # Sets CouchGears version info as a 'Server' response header.
  # filter CouchGears.Filters.ServerVersion

  # Sets 'Content-Type: application/json' response header.
  filter CouchGears.Filters.ResponseTypeJSON

  # Accepts only 'Content-Type: application/json' request. Otherwise, returns a '400 Bad Request' response
  # filter CouchGears.Filters.OnlyRequestTypeJSON

  get "/" do
    conn.resp_body([{:ok, "Hello World"}], :json)

Convenience for managing databases and documents

A Database module provides basic CRUD functions for accessing documents. For example:

Database.find("db", "doc_id")
# => [{"_id", "doc_id"}, ...]

db  ="db")
doc = db.find("doc_id")
# => [{"_id", "doc_id"}, ...]

Check lib/couch_gears/database.ex or test/acceptances/database_instance_acceptance.exs for more examples.


Couch Gears source code is released under Apache 2 License. Check LICENSE and NOTICE files for more details.

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