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Silverstripe Default Theme


Help / Tutorials

You will find a lot of comments inside the theme explaining the code as good as possible Should you still have any questions feel free to poke us in IRC or per email

Tutorials - coming soon ...

Modules / Subthemes

NOTE: module support is currently not available, due to compatibility issues between modules and the new silverstripe version


NOTE: widgets are not working in the new silverstripe version yet

To add widgets to your site, simply add the code below to your mysite/code/Page.php This widgets will then be displayed in the Right Sidebar (WidgetsRight) and below the content (WidgetsBottom) More Information on widgets can be found here

 class Page extends SiteTree {
    static $has_one = array(
        "WidgetsRight" => "WidgetArea",
        "WidgetsBottom" => "WidgetArea"

    function getCMSFields() {
        $fields = parent::getCMSFields();
        $fields->addFieldToTab("Root.Content.WidgetsRight", new WidgetAreaEditor("WidgetsRight"));
        $fields->addFieldToTab("Root.Content.WidgetsBottom", new WidgetAreaEditor("WidgetsBottom"));
        return $fields;
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