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This is a network for sharing bots for Adventure Quest Worlds. Unlike most games where bots are used to gain an unfair advantage, AQW bots are primarily used to bypass the more boring and monotonous portions of the game.


Because Artix Entertainment, the company behind the game, really doesn't like bots. Artix has been known to submit DMCA requests to websites that distribute AQW bots, including a previous revision of this service. However, as no copyrighted material is used, these requests are ungrounded, but that won't stop Atrix from sending them and it won't stop sites from taking the bots down for fear of legal action.

Abian seeks to solve this problem by running a website where people can freely create, host, and share their own bots with others.


Copyright 2015 Ethan Henderson.

Code licensed under the GPLv3. Documentation licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-only 4.0 International License. See the COPYING file for more info.

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