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Abian wiki

This wiki will serve as documentation for Abian.

There will be documentation for each file, or a reference to the original documentation with notes on any modifications made by Abian developers.

In addition, there will also be notes to or about issues on the Abian repository.


  • /b/ - Home of bot-management pages
    • /a/ - For adding a bot (premade bot)
    • /e/ - For editing a bot
      • index.php
    • /m/ - For managing your added bots
      • index.php
    • ajax.php
    • index.php
  • /l/ - Home of legal pages
    • index.php
  • /libs/
  • /u/ - Home of user pages
    • /activate/ - For users to activate their account
      • index.php
    • /cp/ - For users to modify their profile
      • index.php
    • /login/ - For users to login
      • index.php
    • /logout/ - For users to logout
      • index.php
    • /register/ - For users to register
      • index.php
    • index.php
  • .gitignore - Instructing GIT in what files to ignore
  • COPYING - GPLv3 License file
  • - Information about Abian
  • footer.php - The file at the foot of every page
  • header.php - The file at the head of every page
  • index.php - The home page of Abian

Issue notes

General Information

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