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A World of Warcraft auction house availability checker with an API and notifications that works off of a dynamic list of items and realms.

aHawk only checks on items on realms that users have specifically requested and only keeps a day's worth of checks.

Additionally, aHawk doesn't rely on a make-once-distribute-forever type of idea for the list of realms and items; instead it periodically checks for updates to these lists and, because of this it supports WoW patches with little delay and zero involvement.


aHawk (should always be typed aHawk, should always be said a hawk, derives from Auction Hawker) was built when I was playing WoW and had to buy some profession reagents but I could only get other such sites to update me on the reagents' availability hourly (by writing a little program, they have no notification options), so I needed something that could update me more often and that would be easier to add additional item monitors too.


Notifications are issued when an item is available in a check and it wasn't in the last two checks.

  • Email
    • Emails are sent when the item is available
    • Triggers IFTTT Maker recipes when the item is available
  • API
    • Gives user token and link to add permitted IP addresses, using the token they can use the API; triggers nothing
  • RSS
    • RSS feed with the current availability of the item
    • note /api/realm name/item id.rss
    • note not a subscription option; return the same as /availabilityOf/ but only allows now for time; can be used for RSS displays or triggering IFTTT RSS recipes
  • JSON
    • JSON encoded current availability of the item
    • note /api/realm name/item id.json
    • note not a subscription option; return the same as /availabilityOf/ but only allows now for time; can be used in a custom application


  1. Have Python (3.5 tested), PHP (7.3 tested), the ability to make cron jobs, and a way to compile Stylus.
  2. Have the required Python packages (simplejson)
  3. Get a API key.
  4. Configure aHawk/assets/php/config.php.
  5. Compile the Stylus (stylus -c in aHawk/assets/css directory)
  6. Put the aHawk source onto your server.
  7. Add aHawk/assets/py/ to your cron jobs, running it between every 1min and checkEverymin ( will only perform checks as often as checkEvery minutes anyways).
  8. Run the list generators in aHawk/assets/py (realms and items).


aHawk was made in 2015 by Ethan Henderson (Zbee) <>

Blizzard owns everything to do with the API and World of Warcraft (WoW), and this is in no way affiliated with them.

Hawk image created by /wg/ in an IMT.

This is public domain, I don't care what you do with it (though if you use it, it'd be great if you'd link to this repo); but, I do have an instance running at

Current Progress

  • Tracking items
    • Add items
    • Check on items
    • Indicate coverage of an item (100%=tracking all day or longer, less%= started tracking sometime in last 24 hours)
    • Determine player with largest share of an item
  • Notifications
    • Subscribe to items
    • Notifications from subscriptions
    • Cancel old subscriptions
    • Cancel checks with no subscriptions
  • See tracked items
  • API
    • API JSON endpoint
    • API RSS endpoint
    • API tokens
    • API IP management
    • API /availabilityOf/ endpoint
    • API /quantityOf/ endpoint
    • API /lowestPricePer/ endpoint
    • API /everythingAbout/ endpoint
    • API rate-limiting
    • API endpoint for entire realm's items
    • API endpoint for item across all realms
    • API endpoint for owner of item
  • Security
    • Require HTTPS
    • Access to page support scripts
    • Access to Python
    • Access to PHP
    • Access to Data
    • Access to Logs
    • Bots on non-api pages
    • reCAPTCHA on forms
    • Backups (hourly, kept for 2 days?)
    • Determine bare-minimum permissions for entire thing to work, minimize
  • Optimization
    • Caching
    • Server generating static files
    • Compressing static files
    • Storing old static check files
  • Configuration
    • Make system care about config
    • Make as much as possible into options
  • Statistics
    • Items added
    • Notifications given
    • API usage
    • Subscription cancelling
      • Manual
      • Auto
    • Page loads
    • Data transfer
  • Other
    • Help pages on the site
    • Wiki documenting system
    • Configuration for monetization
    • Configuration for user accounts instead of anonymous subscriptions
    • WoW Addon that notifies you in-game when an item is available
    • Recreate style that capitalizes on the hawk, is night-friendly, and minimizes clicks and searching
  • Final
    • Make sure everything is standardized
    • Write tests