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A Link shrinker made in PHP, very light and easy to use.
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#linkShrinker.PHP (Shrink-a-link) A Link shrinker made in PHP, which is very light and easy to use. Make sure you model your instalment of SaL after the included demo file.

If you minify the PHP and the CSS, it'll be even faster and lighter, and safely minified versions of the code are included.


  • Self-Growing - When the maximum amount of URLs have been generated with the configured length, it will generate a shrunken URL that is 1 character longer.
  • Tracking - By default the login system tracks the number of times each link is visited, in a very basic manner of course.
  • URL Comparison - If there's already a shrunken link with the URL the user just input, it simply returns the shrunken URL.
  • Shrink Comparison - If there's already a shrunken link with the shrink the system just generated, it regenerates the shrink.
  • URL Variety - ~60 million possible shrunken URLs with the default 5 character shrink code
  • Simple Configuration file - Has simple variables that are easy to understand and edit, it also explains what they are, and saves the default.
  • Simplicity - Takes the user's URL, stores it, generates a code, and returns it as a link; simple as that
  • Input Sanitization - Sanitizes user inputs by removing nasty SQL code such as DELETE and DROP, keeping your table(s) safe
  • Error Detection - Checks to make sure that the user input something so you don't wind up with a table half empty
  • Self Cleansing - When a user visits a shrunken url (, per se) and that link doesn't have a redirect url attached to it, the shrinker deletes the shrink
  • Themed - Comes with a basic theme compatible with major modern browsers
  • Free - It's made by me, and therefore free :)
  • Non-space consuming - Only requires 4 files
  • Tiny - Coded in less than 300 lines of code

##Set-up The set-up is incredibly simple. Once you deploy the system, just set up config.php with your desired settings and navigate to setup.php which will then set up your databases according to your preferences.

##Use To use it, you can simply download Shrink-a-Link as a .zip and replace all the REPLACE ME's in the config file with your circumstance-specific settings.


  • Add advanced tracking (store the IP and time and link visited + write a function to find out how many visits a link has)
  • Write an incredibly basic admin panel (probably a static password the user can change)
  • Add option to store when the link was added and the ip of whoever added it
  • Add option for IP encryption


Copyright (c) 2014 Ethan Henderson See the LICENSE file for license rights and limitations (MIT).

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