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Iris theme for OmniFocus

Needed to create a theme for OmniFocus that would be easy to the eyes and easy to focus on. Everything is in the gray and there is no absolute black or white.

Will try to keep it updated along with the future enhancement OmniGroup will add on the theme capabilities.

Don't hesitate to give me your suggestions. I am mainly having fun playing with this but I'm not in any way a designer. You can also modify the theme to your need by downloading OmniFocusColor and suit it to your eyes.


  • Evertything is grayed except for active task
  • Due task is highlighted so no excuse for missing them.
  • Soon due are blue
  • Left sidebar is darker to keep focus on the tasks even when it's displayed.


  • Font! When I will get the time, I will put some love into the fonts... there is alot of bold where it shouldn't.
  • Inspector. For now, it's the customization possibility of the inspector is really limited but will update it as soon as possible.
  • The status bar at the bottom of the left sidebar need some love with the border and the icon color. I cannot change those as of today.


Those are out of my controls. It seems the theme is pushing the limit or at least doing things OmniGroup didn't think doing. All those has been reported to OmniGroup.

  • Task editing color : For the moment it's the same color code as the header used to group the tasks. I prefer keeping the header subtle but you can change the opacity of "strong text color" line 1440 to "1" and to obtain easier to read edditing text.
  • "No Context" item in the sidebar of the Contexts perspective : It use the same "Strong text color" as the Header text in the main view and the editing color. So it's not possible to put that one brighter or the theme will loose readability on more important content.
  • Controls on the bottom of the left sidebar : I have no controls on the icons and the top border use the same color as the border of the right sidebar.

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Iris theme for OmniFocus




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