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ZAL - The Abstraction Layer for Zimbra.

ZAL is distributed under the terms of GNU General Public License version 2

API documentation is available on


Latest ZAL is downloadable from <> You can clone ZAL repository using:

git clone

Runtime Dependencies

Zimbra is all you need ;)

Simple build

$ ./build zal-all All dependencies will be downloaded automatically and jars will be created in dist/{VERSION}/zal.jar

Build Targets

$ ./build
  ZAL - Version 2.5.0

  help                                    Show this help message                  
  zal-all                                 build zal for all zimbra versions       
  zal-common                              build zal for most commons zimbra versions
  zal-dev-current-source                  build zal against current zimbra source in dev mode (zimbra jar must be located in ../zm-zcs-lib and ../zm-mailbox)
  zal-dev-current-binary                  build zal against current zimbra binary in dev mode (zimbra be installed in /opt/zimbra)
  zal-dev-last                            build zal against last zimbra version in dev mode
  zal-{zimbra-version}                    build zal against specified zimbra version in dev mode
  compatibility-check                     check zal Java API Compliance against all zal versions
  fast-compatibility-check                check zal Java API Compliance only against previous zal version
  clean                                   clean up temporary                      


OpenZAL can be place anywhere, and zimbra must be installed into /opt/zimbra. Then run:

./build zal-dev-current-binary


Simply place OpenZAL into same directory of zm-build and follow guide to build Zimbra. Then run:

./build zal-dev-current-source

Adding a zimbra version: For each zimbra version you want to build ZAL for:

  • copy all file from "/opt/zimbra/lib/jars/" in "zimbra/${VERSION}/jars/"
  • copy from "/opt/zimbra/common/jetty_home/lib/"
    jetty-continuation-x.x.x.y.jar jetty-http-x.x.x.y.jar jetty-io-x.x.x.y.jar jetty-rewrite-x.x.x.y.jar jetty-security-x.x.x.y.jar jetty-server-x.x.x.y.jar jetty-servlet-x.x.x.y.jar jetty-servlets-x.x.x.y.jar jetty-util-x.x.x.y.jar in "zimbra/${VERSION}/jars/"
  • copy jtnef-x.x.x.jar from "jetty_base/common/lib" in "zimbra/${VERSION}/jars/"