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Zimbra and Nextcloud/ownCloud integration
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Open Drive

Open Drive is not not a fully fledged Zextras product under active support and development, but a contribution provided to the Zimbra Community "as is".

Anyone is free to download it and to clone the repository to apply any change complying with the project's licensing but there is no official commitment on updates, on the inclusion of features and/or the approval of pull requests.

Zimbra and Nextcloud / ownCloud integration.


  • Use Zimbra credentials in Nextcloud / ownCloud.
  • Navigate Nextcloud / ownCloud files inside Zimbra.
  • Manage Nextcloud / ownCloud files inside Zimbra (upload, move, rename, delete).
  • Attach Nextcloud / ownCloud files to email.

Supported Versions:

  • Nextcloud: 9, 10, 11, 12, 13
  • ownCloud: 9, 9.1, 10


0. Check package integrity

Verify the files using the provided md5 file:

md5sum -c zimbra_drive.md5

1. Extract Zimbra files

Extract zimbra_drive.tgz

mkdir -p /tmp/zimbradrive
tar -xvf zimbra_drive.tgz --directory /tmp/zimbradrive

2. Install the Zimbra Extension

  • Create directory /opt/zimbra/lib/ext/zimbradrive
mkdir -p /opt/zimbra/lib/ext/zimbradrive
  • Copy /tmp/zimbradrive/zimbra-extension/zal.jar and /tmp/zimbradrive/zimbra-extension/zimbradrive-extension.jar in /opt/zimbra/lib/ext/zimbradrive
cp /tmp/zimbradrive/zimbra-extension/zal.jar /tmp/zimbradrive/zimbra-extension/zimbradrive-extension.jar /opt/zimbra/lib/ext/zimbradrive
  • Restart the mailbox to let the extension to be loaded correctly.
zmmailboxdctl restart

3. Configure the Zimbra Extension

  • Set the Nextcloud/owncloud service url foreach domain. The cloud service url (CLOUD_URL) has to be in the form: protocol://cloudHost/path_to_index.php.
zmprov md zimbraDriveOwnCloudURL

4. Install the ZimbraDrive zimlet

Change owner and group of /tmp/zimbradrive/zimlet/

chown zimbra:zimbra /tmp/zimbradrive/zimlet/

Deploy the zimlet

zmzimletctl deploy /tmp/zimbradrive/zimlet/

Enable the zimlet in your class of service.

5. Install Nextcloud/ownCloud ZimbraDrive App

Get the zimbradrive application from or Extract zimbradrive.tar.gz in the folder apps of Nextcloud/ownCloud.

tar -xzvf zimbradrive.tar.gz  --directory=/var/www/html/apps

Login in Own/Next Cloud as an administrator, in App menu, enable ZimbraDrive, or by command line

sudo -u www-data php /var/www/html/occ app:enable zimbradrive

6. Configure Nextcloud/ownCloud ZimbraDrive App

Configure the Zimbra Server into to the Zimbra Drive section in the Admin Configuration of Your Nextcloud/ownCloud instance.

  • Enable Allow Zimbra's users to log in and Enable Zimbra authentication back end
  • Set Zimbra's host and port
  • Enable Use SSL if the Zimbra server required an SSL connection (recommended)
  • Enable Enable certificate verification if the Zimbra server provide a valid certificate (recommended)
  • To enable the auto login for the Nextcloud/ownCloud's users whom click on the Zimbra icon in the Nextcloud/ownCloud web GUI, insert the Domain Preauth Key

Click to Test page button to check if there are problems with the server connection.

Note The preauth key can be generate with:

zmprov generateDomainPreAuthKey

If the preauth key already exists, it can be obtained with:

zmprov getDomain zimbraPreAuthKey


Remove all Zimbra Users from Nextcloud/ownCloud

If the administrator remove the Nextcloud/ownCloud App the Zimbra users will not be visible anymore in the Nextcloud/ownCloud administration panel.

Note To manually disable the authentication through Zimbra remove these lines to the Nextcloud/ownCloud configuration:

'user_backends' => array (
 0 => array (
   'class' => 'OC_User_Zimbra',
   'arguments' => array(),

WARNING: This process will delete all the Zimbra Users data from Nextcloud / ownCloud and is not reversible.

To remove all the Zimbra Users from the Nextcloud / ownCloud installation run this command:

cd /var/www/nextcloud # Go to the OCC path
mysql_pwd='password'  # Set the database password
occ_db='nextcloud'    # Set the database name for the Nextcloud / ownCloud

mysql -u root --password="${mysql_pwd}" "${occ_db}" -N -s \
    -e 'SELECT `uid` FROM `oc_zimbradrive_users`' \
    | while read uid; do \
        sudo -u www-data php ./occ user:delete "${uid}"; \
        mysql -u root --password="${mysql_pwd}" "${occ_db}" \
            -e "DELETE FROM oc_accounts WHERE uid = '${uid}' LIMIT 1"; \


Zimbra Drive is an official Zimbra product - support is provided through the official Zimbra channels to both Open Source and Network Edition customers.

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