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BibTeXML: BibTeX as XML markup
<URL: http://bibtexml.sourceforge.net/ >

A bibliography schema for XML that expresses the content model
in BibTeX, a bibliography format specified for LaTeX.
DTD and RELAX NG schemas are included in this distribution,
along with tools to uptranslate native TeX-syntax BibTeX
bibliographies to XML, and translating this into other markup

The bibtexml-ext.rnc schema should be used for manual editing,
and is backward compatible with the strict bibtexml.rnc syntax.

Updates and new links are announced on our hand-rolled RSS feed.
<URL: http://bibtexml.sourceforge.net/rss.xml >

You can use bibutils by Chris Putnam or bib2xml by Johannes Henkel
to convert .bib-files, which is more robust than the included
bibtex2xml.py because bib2xml is based on the btparse library.
After the conversion you need to convert from LaTeX character
encoding to UTF-8 or numeric XML character entities.

If you encounter BibTeX instances that fails please post these
on the bibtexml-users mailing list, or as a bug report, so we
can put these in our test case .bib file.

This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or
modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License.
See  <URL: http://creativecommons.org/licenses/GPL/2.0/ >

Recommended software:



Any XSLT engine, such as Sablotron, xsltproc or Saxon

rnv: Relax-NG XML validator

Trang: Convert between Relax-NG, DTD and W3C XML Schema notations

emacs-nxml-mode: Relax-NG based XML editng mode for Emacs

For nxml-mode, put this in your schemas.xml:

   <namespace ns="http://bibtexml.sf.net/" typeId="bibtexml"/>
   <documentElement prefix="bibtex" typeId="bibtexml"/>
   <typeId id="bibtexml" uri="bibtexml-ext.rnc"/>

Usage examples:

xsltproc output/starter.xsl examples/example.bibtex.xml

Read or edit starter.xsl for more information,
the different output style sheets can also
be called directly:

xsltproc output/html-harvard.xsl examples/example.bibtex.xml
xsltproc output/dublincore.xsl examples/example.bibtex.xml
xsltproc output/bibtex.xsl examples/example.bibtex.xml
xsltproc output/latex-biblist-harvard.xsl examples/example.bibtex.xml

rnv schema/bibtexml-ext.rnc examples/example.bibtex.xml

java -jar %java_site_lib_path%/trang.jar bibtexml-ext.rnc bibtexml-ext.xsd