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Added a new 3D transition called `explode`
1.4.4 (2012/03/14)
Fixed problems with Firefox11
Updated `cols` param to `columns` in `blocks` transition
Made `bars3d` work properly in Firefox
1.4.3 (2012/01/10)
Fixed a few syntax issues with JSLint
1.4.2 (2012/01/10)
Fixed a bug with the jQuery Widget that prevented `isPlaying` from working.
Added `getImages` function to the jQuery Widget.
Fixed feature detect code for Firefox 10.
Made 3D transitions work with Firefox 10.
Reverted to setInterval for play loop better timing.
1.4.1 (2011/10/12)
Added a check for focus which fixes a bug on FF where autoplay would break when a tab had lost focus.
Added a timeout before each css change in a transition to be sure that the end event listener has been registered.
1.4 (2011/10/07)
Added support for `img` tags nested inside `a`. These images inherit the link from their parent and are clickable.
Flux will now run when jQuery is in compatibility mode.
Added basic inbuilt next/prev buttons. Pass in `controls: true` to the constructor.
Flux no longer silently fails on unsupported browsers, it builds the slider but just switches from one image to the other.
Refactored setup code so that it works on IE.
Added a lock to ensure that the `finish()` function of `flux.transition` only ever fires once per transition.
Added support for `swipeLeft` & `swipeRight` when used with Zepto.js.
Forced hardware acceleration on the `slide` transition so that it works better on iOS.
The `next()` & `prev()` functions now pass on the `left`/`right` param for supported transitions.
Created an abstract transition called `transition_grid` which can be extended to produce grid based transitions.
Refactored the following transitions to use `transition_grid`: `bars`, `bars3d`, `blinds`, `blinds3d`, `blocks`, `tiles3d`, `zip`. This reduces the size required to define each transition and ensures row/column rendering is done with the same code.
Added `supportsCSSProperty` function to perform feature checking on the browser.
Each transition can now check for browser compatibility at load time using `compatibilityCheck`.
Added the `swipe`, `dissolve` and `blocks2` transitions.
Added support for captions. Caption text is read from the `title` attribute of the `img` elements. Captions need to be enabled by passing `captions: true` into the constructor.
Ensured that images still switch if no valid transitions are available.
Autoplay now uses `setTimeout` rather than `setInterval` so that the delay between transitions is started only when a transition has completed. This prevents the case where a transition might take longer to execute than the provided delay time.
1.3.2 (2011/07/24)
Added the 'turn' (3D) & 'slide' (2D) transitions.
Can now specify a size for the slider canvas on init, images crop for the top-left edge [EXPERIMENTAL]
Updated coding style of flux.slider to make use of .appendTo to reduce code size (Zepto added this in 0.6 so now safe to use for jQuery/Zepto compatibility).
Added the current image to the event data object associated with the 'fluxTransitionEnd' event.
Can now pass in a callback function 'onTransitionEnd' to receive notifications of when transitions have completed (Alternative to listening for 'fluxTransitionEnd' events).
1.3.1 (2011/06/10)
The .css3() function now adds the non vendor prefixed version as well. This fixed a bug where 'concentric' & 'warp' where not round in Firefox 4.
1.3 (2011/06/09)
Made it easier to handle 3d transitions by moving the overflow logic into flux.transition.js
Fixed a bug where 3d transitions could leave the viewport in an overflow: visible state.
Ensured event object is sent to callback for .transitionEnd() helper function
Updated zepto.js to v0.6
Added a short 5ms delay before transition execution as Zepto sometimes failed to catch the transitionEnd() with some 3D transitions
Added 'tiles3d' & 'blinds3d' transitions. Thanks to Altryne ( for porting his 'tiles3d' code to Flux!
Improved performance by using Document Fragments to reduce DOM reflows.
Added support for Modernizr feature detection with a fallback to custom detection code.
3D transformations are removed from the list of loaded transitions when the browser does not support 3D.
Added a jQuery widget for better integration with jQuery.
1.2.1 (2011/05/17)
Fixed a z-index issue with 'bars3d' under Chrome. This also reduced flicker during rendering on iOS.
1.2 (2011/05/16)
Added feature detection so any browser that supports CSS3 transitions will now work, jQuery may need to be used instead of Zepto for non Webkit based browsers.
Added helper function for detecting the Transition end .transition()
Added helper function for adding required vendor prefixes to CSS3 .css3()
Modified the base transition object so that it now maintains a reference to the slider object to make it easier to access both current and next images. Previously only the current image was stored which limited what transitions could be created.
Added support for gracefully degrading when a transition requires 3d but the browser doesn't support it
Added 'bars3d' & 'cube' 3D transitions
Fixed a bug where Chrome would report 3d transformation support when it didn't. Now uses a media query to confirm support under webkit. Similar to how Modernizr works
Enabled transition specific parameters to be overloaded from the main constructor
Improved the 'concentric' transition so that enough circles are always created to cover the required space
A specific transition can now be requested instead of one being picked at random, applies to .next(), .prev(), .showImage() and .transition() of flux.slider object
Added isPlayer() function to determine if the slider is currently auto-progressing
Added the event 'fluxTransitionEnd' which now fires whenever a transition has completed
Fixed a chaining bug with .transitionEnd() helper function
Added support for Zepto.js as a drop in replacement for jQuery
Added detection of 3d CSS effects to ensure hardware acceleration is used where possible
Initial release