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class GreekGetter:
"""A simple localizer a la gettext"""
def __init__(self):
self.trans = dict(dog="σκύλος", cat="γάτα")
def get(self, msgid):
"""We'll punt if we don't have a translation"""
return self.trans[msgid]
except KeyError:
return str(msgid)
class EnglishGetter:
"""Simply echoes the msg ids"""
def get(self, msgid):
return str(msgid)
def get_localizer(language="English"):
"""The factory method"""
languages = dict(English=EnglishGetter, Greek=GreekGetter)
return languages[language]()
# Create our localizers
e, g = get_localizer("English"), get_localizer("Greek")
# Localize some text
for msgid in "dog parrot cat bear".split():
print(e.get(msgid), g.get(msgid))