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  • simpler xjs.render / view arch aping express
  • namespace and custom tag support
  • parent tag access within the children render block


  • In express, res.render does not deal with the possibility of an asynchronous render method. This does not play well with xjs, but please confirm.
  • seamless Express support. This is a real problem and so far unresolvable
  • auto conversion to html5, plus Schema checking
  • exception stack trace line number
  • tag error checking, read DTD/Schema
  • test xjsserver
  • how inefficient are the nested with statements?
  • rewrite the parser in c++ by extending v8's

  • Which is better?

    1. Writing many small strings to an http response stream.
    2. Concatenating the strings and writing one long string.
  • Performance comparison Jade vs. xjs plus the apache baseline tests.

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