Cross-platform UI controls and application workflow engine using the MVC design pattern.
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iFactr is a C#.NET-based, cross-platform mobile application development framework.

  • Cross-platform UI controls
  • Bindings for Android, iOS and Windows, and Compact Framework
  • RESTful Data Services component


  • Full set of cross platform GUI controls.
  • MVC application workflow engine.
  • Supporting libraries for file access, network, device integrations, and an IoC container.

You can:

  • Rapidly build mobile and desktop applications.
  • Mix and match fully native views with cross-platform views.
  • Integrate platform specific 3rd party libaries and views into the app.
  • Easily port your MonoCross app to iFactr.


iFactr uses a Model-View-Controller design pattern and navigation modeled after Microsoft's ASP.NET and the Open-source Monocross.Navigation.


StackOverflow is monitored. Post questions using the #iFactr tag.


Add References iFactr DLLs.


Want to contribute? Great!

Open your favorite Terminal and run these commands.

Building from source

Building iFactr requires Microsoft Community Build Tasks v1.5 MSBuild For production release:

$ build

This will create the iFactr DLLs