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Search beatsaver like you *should* be able to do.
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Bootleg-Beatsaver (formerly 'Beatsaver-search')


A static website ( for doing semi-sophisticated searching of the content contained within parent site

Born out of a lack of existing search capability and desire to experiment with serverless web hosting, this is the result.

Powered by Amazon Web Services (AWS): API Gateway, Lambda, Relational Database Service (RDS) & Simple Storage Service (S3)

If you're interested in creating a similar kind of serverless website, I can highly recommend the AWS tutorial upon which a lot of this is based:


If you'd like to contribute to the site by adding features or changing / fixing html or javascript etc. feel free to raise a pull request - if it's anywhere half-decent I'll be open to merging/deploying it.

Development Requirements

For testing html/javascript changes

  • Recommend Firefox for testing purposes, as it is more flexible with allowing cross-site ajax calls (chrome doesn't allow this), allowing you to run the index/songs html's locally when testing html/javascript changes.
  • NOT Internet Explorer - due to unsupported javascript functions (specifically 'ForEach') this flat out doesn't work in IE

For testing database / backend changes

  • Python 3.0+
  • Python plugin (if you're using IntelliJ Community Edition)
  • A postgres SQL database with a corresponding settings.json file, with username, password, database (name), db_endpoint (database endpoint) and db_port (database port) parameters defined (as per what you see at the start of

Quick Start

HTML / Javascript Development

It should be as simple as loading up the index.html (firefox recommended!), and then modifying it and any associated files e.g.

  • songs.html
  • authors.html
  • about.html
  • blackstars.png
  • starssmall.png

Backend Database Development

  1. Install the python libraries as per the requirements.txt (pip install -r requirements.txt)
  2. Run an initial scrape of the data: bbs

This will populate the 'songs' table (see create_table.sql file) in the db by pulling the data off and into your database, or update it if it has changed.

  1. Then run bar

which will populate the 'authorstats' table of the db by compiling what has already been collected in the songs table

Once this is done you should able to ad-hoc run most/all of the python functions found inside to do things like retrieve song/author data etc locally.

Due to the fact that the implementation of the API / lambda function is stored in AWS, it's not possible to make testing/debugging completely end-to-end (or at least, not that I have so far figured out).

If you want to go down the rabbit-hole of setting this up end-to-end, [this is a good starting point](](, however I'm not willing (or really qualified) to do a step-by-step of the process.

Feedback / Questions

If you've got any questions, want to give feedback or have suggestions on what can be improved, leave me a message on discord: Zeekin#1824

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