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import Image
import sys
def average_colour(image):
colour_tuple = [None, None, None]
for channel in range(3):
# Get data for one channel at a time
pixels = image.getdata(band=channel)
values = []
for pixel in pixels:
colour_tuple[channel] = sum(values) / len(values)
return tuple(colour_tuple)
def most_frequent_colour(image):
w, h = image.size
pixels = image.getcolors(w * h)
most_frequent_pixel = pixels[0]
for count, colour in pixels:
if count > most_frequent_pixel[0]:
most_frequent_pixel = (count, colour)
return most_frequent_pixel[1]
def average_colour_in_k_clusters(image, k):
def compare(title, image, colour_tuple):
image ="RGB", (200, 200,), colour_tuple)
return image
def kmeans(pixels, k):
numFeatures = len(pixels)
centroids = getRandomCentroids(numFeatures, k)
iterations = 0
oldCentroids = None
while not shouldStop(oldCentroids, centroids, iterations):
oldCentroids = centroids
interations += 1
def save(name, result, image):"images/results/{}.jpg".format(name))
sample ="RGB", (200, 200,), result)"images/results/{}-result.jpg".format(name))
def main():
image ="images/DSC_6883.jpg")
if "mode" in sys.argv:
result = most_frequent_colour(image)
if "ave" in sys.argv:
result = average_colour(image)
save("Wheatbelt", result, image)
if __name__ == "__main__":