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=== Flattr ===
Contributors: flattr.com
Tags: flattr, donate, micropayments
Requires at least: 2.9.0
Tested up to: 2.9.2
Stable tag: trunk

This plugin allows you to easily add a Flattr button to your wordpress blog.

== Description ==

Flattr was founded to help people share money, not only content. Before Flattr, the only reasonable way to donate has been to use Paypal or other systems to send money to people. The threshold for this is quite high. People would just ignore sending donations if it wasn't for a really important cause. Sending just a small sum has always been a pain in the ass. Who would ever even login to a payment system just to donate €0.01? And €10 was just too high for just one blog entry we liked...

Flattr solves this issue. When you're registered to flattr, you pay a small monthly fee. You set the amount yourself. In the end of the month, that fee is divided between all the things you flattered. You're always logged in to the account. That means that giving someone some flattr-love is just a button away. And you should! Clicking one more button doesn't add to your fee. It just divides the fee between more people! Flattr tries to encourage people to share. Not only pieces of content, but also some money to support the people who created them. With love! 

**Flattr requires an account at flattr.com!**

== Installation ==

Note that we only support PHP 5 and WordPress 2.9 or above.

1. Upload the folder 'flattr' to your server in the folder '/wp-content/plugins/'
2. Go to the WordPress control panel and find the 'Plugins' section
3. Activate the plugin 'Flattr'
4. Go to the 'Options' section and select 'Flattr'
5. Select your default category (which usually would be 'text' if you have a normal blog), select your default language and type in your Flattr user ID (your user ID can be found on your dashboard on http://flattr.com/ )
6. If you want the Flattr button to be automagically included at the end of your posts, leave the checkbox checked
7. If you want to add the Flattr button manually in your theme, uncheck the checkbox and use the following code snippet:
8. When writing or editing a blog post you have the ability to select category and language for this specific blog post.

`<?php the_flattr_permalink(); ?>`

8. Live long and prosper. :)

== Changelog ==

= 0.9.14 =
Made it easier to connect with a Flattr account.
Now possible to put the Flattr button before the content in posts.
User ID is now the username.

= 0.9.13 =
Escaping of quotation marks in tags and title. Tags are now stripped from titles.

= 0.9.12 =
The plugin now uses the ver 0.5 of the JS API.

= 0.9.11 =
Excerpt length fixed
When auto inject into posts or pages are not selected, don't add the filter

= 0.9.10 =
Yet another excerpt fix
Added ability to exclude button from a single post/page
Added flattr settings to pages

= 0.9.9 =
Fixed empty excerpts

= 0.9.8 =
Fixed tags

= 0.9.7 =
* RSS excerpt fix

= 0.9.6 =
* Button didn't show up when using manual calls from templates.

= 0.9.5 =
* Flattr button is no longer added to rss feeds.

= 0.9.4 =
* fixed option to disable button for pages.

= 0.9.3 =
* fixed language bug. Sorry about the frequent updates :)

= 0.9.2 =
* fixed the url to load.js.

= 0.9 =
* Fixed a bug where including files would sometimes break other plugins.
* Will now give error if the plugin isn't compatible with the installed version of WordPress or PHP.
* Added support for hidding things from listings on flattr.com.
* Will warn users that enter their user name instead of their user id.
* Added support for the compact button.

= 0.8 =
* Cleaned up the code
* Added option for disabling the button on a per post basis

= 0.71 =
* Modified plugin to not use short php open tags

= 0.7 =
* Changed category setting to select box instead of input field.
* Added setting for default language.
* Added ability to edit category and language settings per post.

= 0.6 =
* httpvh (Smart YouTube) urls are now stripped when creating excerpt from post content.

= 0.5 =
* Fixed a bug that caused blog posts to display incorrectly when no excerpt was entered. 

= 0.4 =
* First public version

== Upgrade Notice ==

= 0.9.9 =
Fixed empty excerpts

= 0.9.8 =
Fixed tags

= 0.9.7 =
Upgrade to get auto excerpts to work for rss feeds.

= 0.9.6 =
Upgrade if using manual the_flattr_permalink() calls.

= 0.9.5 =
Upgrade to get rid of flattr buttons from your rss feeds

= 0.9.4 =
Upgrade to be able to disable button for pages

= 0.9.3 =
Upgrade to fix language problems

= 0.9 =
New goodies available. Fun for the whole family!

= 0.71 =
Short php open tags where used in some places. Upgrade if your host does not support short open tags.

= 0.7 =
Language support. Upgrade required.

= 0.6 =
Previous version didnt work with Smart YouTube when no excerpt was entered.

= 0.5 =
Previous version makes your blog posts display incorrectly if you don't enter an excerpt.

= 0.4 =
Upgrade notices describe the reason a user should upgrade.  No more than 300 characters.

== Support ==

Direct support: https://flattr.com/support/contact
IRC: #flattr on Freequest 
Forum: http://forum.flattr.com/
Twitter: Twitter to #flattr and the community or a friendly developer might help you.