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ZEIT ONLINE content API - A flaskSolr middleware

##Frequent questions

###What is this? This is the ZEIT ONLINE content API project as available at It enables you to access articles and corresponding metadata from the ZEIT newspaper archive, as well as recent articles from ZEIT and ZEIT ONLINE.

###Is it ready? It is still in public beta. We are working on improving the quality of our data as well as the stability of our code. You are welcome to test and experiment with the API, take a look at the code, file a bug report or request a feature.

###Where are the docs? You can find the documentation at our developer portal over at

###Can I run the API locally? Yes. It is tailored to the infrastructure we have here at ZEIT ONLINE, though. So it might not be of too much use for other scenarios and will require some adaptation. See below for instructions.

###How can I get in touch? We would love to hear your ideas and feedback. Join the discussion in the issues section, contact us on Twitter at zeitonline_dev or send an Email to

##Getting started

Check out the repository, change to the project folder and then bootstrap the project like this:

$ python

Now run buildout with the development configuration:

$ bin/buildout -c dev.cfg

This will install dependencies, generate executables for the API, the developer portal and the testsuite and download a Solr package. To start the Solr locally, switch to parts/solr-server and enter:

$ java -jar start.jar

With the search server running, you can now start the testsuite:

$ bin/tests