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Update: draft is official now. I may be gone any day. Repo has dockerfile to build server version for linux but anyone interested in hosting a local server instance on windows can download this:

You run this with feed_server.exe. Wait till the process finishes gobbling up resources (it will write initial temprorary files so that it starts faster next time) and then redirect serverIp in flippers' settings/settings.ini to note: this will unpack into 12 gigabytes folder and will create 1 more gigabyte of temp files. Requires a moderately modern PC but I think anything recent~ish should run it well. After redirecting your flipper to that you will be able to access all of your tagged fics and find new stories to read out of the snapshot it has although, obviously, until I am gone, it's simpler to just work as normal.


An alternative take on search on

Flipper is written in Qt5, partially with QML, and is supposed to be built with QBS build system. The database format is SQLITE3.

Manual can be found at:

If you have questions, email me at UPD: I now have a patreon: