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Luas created by zelly.
My main project is a private repository over on bitbucket
I am looking for people to work on this project with me
I may end up making it public once I get it in a state that is representable
These are little side projects mainly aimed towards non-shrubbot servers

Zelly XpSave Lua

This is a simple flatfile xpsave using JSON
Built for the etlegacy rc4
It was made for jemstar <3

To use it:

  1. Download ZXpSave.lua and move it to fs_basepath/legacy/ZXpSave.lua
  2. Download JSON.lua from and move it to fs_basepath/legacy/JSON.lua
  3. add "ZXpSave.lua" to your lua_modules. ( set lua_modules "ZXpSave.lua" )
  4. Start server. Should save.

local _saveTime = 30 Seconds in between each runframe save
local _printDebug = false If you want to print to console
local _logPrintDebug = false If you want it to log to server log ( Requires _printDebug = true )
local _logDebug = true If you want it to log to xpsave.log
local _logStream = true If you want it to update xpsave.log every message, false if just at end of round. ( Requires _logDebug = true )

Zelly VoiceChat Debug

This was just built to debug voicechat because we were having troubles with it
local _StreamFile = true -- If you want it to save after each new log, then set this true, false saves at end of round
local _PrintChat = false -- Set to true if you want to debug while your ingame, probably more useful now that I think about it

Zelly Info

Logs certain a bunch of info to json file
Was planning on just interpretting it in python or something to see where the majority of players are from and what they generally are doing while they are ingame.
Not complete yet

Zelly Print Global

Prints luas global variables for et
Also tested some chargetimes in this lua