MongoDB, Express, AngularJS and NodeJS starter project featuring Jade and Gulp. Get up and running quickly!
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MEAN Stack Single Page Application Starter

This is a repo for a starter application for a Single Page MEAN Stack application. Just download and install and you have a good foundation for building any application.


  1. Install npm modules: npm install
  2. Install bower dependencies bower install
  3. Install Gulp npm install -g gulp
  4. Start up the server: gulp
  5. View in browser at http://localhost:8080

Use this starter kit to build any MEAN stack application you like.



Just run gulp. It concatenates all files in /css and all *.min.css files in bower_components/ to one CSS file in public/css/css.css. The same with JavaScript files. The final CSS and JS files will be loaded into the page. You don't have to do anything. Just keep your front-end files in css/ and js/. Use the Livereload Browser Extension to automatically refresh the browser upon changes to the files in those two directories. The server will also automatically be restarted upon any change of a back-end file.


Run gulp dist. Like dev, plus JS and CSS are minified and anything you need will be put to a dist/ directory. Go into that directory and start the application with node server.js.


  • MEAN Stack
  • Twitter Bootstrap
  • Jade Template Engine
  • Gulp
  • Mongoose

Laravel and AngularJS Starter Application

Also check out my Zemke/starter-laravel-angular project featuring Laravel 5 and AngularJS with token-based authentication and many great features to get yourself kick-started.