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[ZenGo X]

Threshold cryptography for blockchains. Projects with "city" in name are work in progress.


  1. Rust implementation of {t,n}-threshold ECDSA (elliptic curve digital signature algorithm).

    Rust 576 203

  2. Threshold BLS signatures in Rust

    Rust 40 14

  3. Secure transport for running MPC protocols backed by Signal

    Rust 31 6

  4. curv Public

    Rust language general purpose elliptic curve cryptography.

    Rust 199 84

  5. class Public

    Rust library for building IQC: cryptography based on class groups of imaginary quadratic orders

    C 46 27

  6. awesome-tss Public

    A curated list of distributed key generation and threshold signatures implementations

    114 22


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