Simple Android app that was created for a course project.
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This project was originally designed for a class project. It exists as an open source project in hopes to teach/help new programmers learn android development.

As such, when this app hits the playstore, understand that this repo will be the OFFICIAL source file programmed by Zane "ZenOokami" Blalock. If there are forks, or copies elsewhere, use/download at your own risk. You can talk about this project on the EoZ forums at: Http://

Note!: This is not yet up to a standard to use safely as a completely backed secure password generator! Allow us to further develope this app and tweak the algorithm to be far more scrutenizing in its generation. Use the passwords at your own risk!

Feel free to post issues in hopes that we may fix and optimize the project.

Thank you, -ZenOokami