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Keep It Stupid Simple (Kiss) Engine

(Part of the Handmade Network)

What is this?

The Kiss Engine is a collection of open-source software used to make games. Instead of giving you everything, it only provides the bare minimum, while remaining simple to use. The Ufo Example project recreates one of the first tutorial projects from the Unity engine. It is interesting to see how much code it takes to do this kind of thing from scratch. Once all the library code is in place, it is very easy to make some stuff. There is no user interface. Everything is done with code.

Why "another" engine?

Because this is the engine I was looking for, and it didn't exist. I'm sure someone else is looking for something like this. Also, it's fun to make everything from scratch. See the Handmade Manifesto for more information

Ufo example

The ufo example is the first prototype using the engine. It is a clone of the Unity 2D tutorial. I figured if the engine can do that, it is well on it's way to being a functioning engine.

TODO - Add *.gif of game in action

Libraries used*

First Header Second Header
Zen header files (my code)
STB header files
GB header files
Dear Imgui

*No libraries were harmed in the making of this engine.

Simple vs. Easy (Rant)

There are many game engines available that make it easy for you to make a game. They allow someone with no programming experience to create a game in 30 minutes. But these easy engines hide everything from the user. In the event that something does not work or does not do what the user needs, it can be difficult to divine what to do. In some cases, there is no source code provided.

This engine is different. It isn't really an engine at all. It's just a collection of open-source software used to make the same beginning tutorials used by the "easy" engines. However, 100% of the code is available, it can all be changed, and nothing is required.

Keep in mind that Simple and Easy are very different. There is nothing easy about doing something in a simple way. So if you do not have any programming experience this may not be the engine for you.

Note: This project is still in the initial stage, so some things may not work, and some things may change. Please take some time to get the ufo example building and running. Let me know about any problems.