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Zenika DORM prototype

Project architecture

  • admin
    • dao-jdbc-scripts : sql scripts to create the database structure required by the jdbc dao.
    • maven-importer : tool to import local repository to dorm.
  • core
    • core : the core sources, generic and independent of all implementations
    • webapp : encapsulatio of dorm as jee webapp with jersey and guice configuration.
  • plugins
    • ecr : the nuxeo/ecr bundle as the metadata storage of dorm.
    • maven : the maven dorm plugin, which adds the maven logic to the webservice and the model.

Installation from sources

  • Build main project with gradle : gradle build
  • Install the war from dorm subproject to a servlet container. The location of the war should be : dorm/build/libs/dorm-xxx.war

Web container

The project was only tested with tomcat 7 for now but there is nothing specific for that container.


  • JDBC with PostgreSQL

    • Download and install postgres database version >= 8.4.
    • Create the database.
    • Execute the sql scripts : postgresql_create.sql and then all the update_xxx.sql.
    • Launch tomcat with following parameters : -Dpostgres_host=db_host -Dpostgres_port=5432 -Dpostgres_database=db_name -Dpostgres_user=db_user -Dpostgres_password=db_pass
  • Neo4j

    • Download neo4j graph database community version 1.4.1 and uncompress it
    • Launch neo4j in standalone mode on the default port 7474 : neo4j_folder/bin/neo4j start
  • Nuxeo / ECR

    • Download and install the nuxeo/ecr server :
    • Install and activate the ecr bundle located at plugins/ecr on the ecr server
    • If needed, edit the com.zenika.dorm.core.dao.nuxeo.DormDaoNuxeo to set the hostname and port of

Dorm extension points / plugins

  • Maven plugin : Read the maven plugin README located at plugins/maven