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Too busy to make a phone call, now we just push a button
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Welcome to Coffee Button 👋

License: GPL 3

Order your coffee in one click or everything else
Click the button, the raspberry boot, call your webhook then shutdown




What you need to run the project

  • a Raspberry Pi with Wifi, or ethernet connection if you like cables
  • an SD card (2GB should do)
  • 2 leds (red & green, or anything you see fit) with 330Ω resitors and cables
  • a push button with cables
  • optionnaly a breadboard, to check the connections before soldering the elements

LED Resistor

How to build

  • Connect the push button on pins 5 & 6 (SCL & Ground), so the click will wake it.
  • Connect the green led and a resistor on pins 32 & 34 (PWM0 & Ground).
  • Connect the red led and the other resistor on pins 12 & 14 (PWM0 & Ground).


How to setup

  • Get a Raspbian lite image from the official page
  • Burn it on the SD card: ex. on Linux/BSD -> sudo dd bs=1M conv=noerror,sync status=progress if=<path_to_your_img/name.img> of=<path_to_mounted_SDcard>
  • Start the pi with screen and keyboard to configure Wifi, using the sudo raspi-config command
  • Get sources. Either with git or by hand :
  • Git :
apt install -y git
git clone
  • copy source code to /home/pi/coffee-button on the pi
  • Make a copy of .env.example to .env and add the webhook and token you created. We used Zapier to handle the request and filter the Authorization header then send the email and Slack notification. You also need to set the number of days between orders (integer required)
  • Test the script on pi by running /home/pi/coffee-button/
  • Add to the boot process : edit /etc/rc.local and add a line /home/pi/coffee-button/

Warning ⚠️ Doing this last action will prevent you to access the pi via keyboard or SSH as it will shut it down immediatly after request is sent and will then force you to mount the SD card on your computer again!. Be sure that everything is in order before that or comment the last line of the script


Push the button ! Leds will flashes after a few seconds then green if the request was sent or already sent in the previous 48h, red if something went wrong.


👤 Jérémy Lejeune

👤 Lucas Dupuy

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📝 License

Copyright © 2019 Jérémy Lejeune, Lucas Dupuy.
This project is GPL 3 licensed.

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