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Allow your users to use your website while offline easily
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OfflineHandler (Demo)

Allow your users to use your website while offline easily


  • Installation

Simply import OfflineHandler.min.js into your HTML and download OfflineHandler-sw.min.js at the root of your project.

<script src=""></script>	
  • How to use

    • Create a new OfflineHandler object with the ressources to be cached as the first parameter :

      let ajax = new OfflineHandler(['path/to/customFile.js'], ...);
    • Call your URLs with an additional parameter : ?v=1, or without any to get the default version.
      Changing this parameter will create a new cache version.
      Calling your URLs with ?v=no-cache will bypass the cached versions

  • Parameters

	 * List of ressources to be cached
	 * The current page is always cached, no need to add it here
	 * @type {String[]}
	const ressourceList = [

	 *  /|\ OPTIONAL /|\
	 * Path to the OfflineHandler ServiceWorker file
	 * @type {String}
	 * @default OfflineHandler-sw.min.js
	const serviceWorkerPath = 'OfflineHandler-sw.min.js';

	 *  /|\ OPTIONAL /|\
	 * Name of the URL parameter that holds the version of the files
	 * @type {String}
	 * @default v
	const versionParameter = 'v';

	 *  /|\ OPTIONAL /|\
	 * Should the old cached versions be deleted when a new one is created ?
	 * @type {Boolean}
	 * @default false
	const clearOldCache = false;

	 *  /|\ OPTIONAL /|\
	 * Should external requests be cached ?
	 * @type {Boolean}
	 * @default false
	const cacheExternalRequests = false;

	new OfflineHandler(ressourceList, serviceWorkerPath, versionParameter, clearOldCache, cacheExternalRequests);
  • Example

See this Github project for a working example.


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