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ZENZO Core Integration/Staging Repository

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ZENZO(ZNZ) is an open-source digital currency based on Bitcoin's blockchain technology, Dash’s Masternodes and PIVX’s general Codebase. Each of these elements was combined to create a powerful and innovative technology. ZENZO is also powered by Blackcoin Proof-of-Stake 3.0 and Bitcoin Core 0.10x code base, using Xevan hashing algorithm with a block time of just 60 seconds.

A peer-to-peer digital currency that provides fast, zero cost payments to anywhere around the world, without any third-party intervention. ZENZO is a fully decentralized global payment network allowing individuals to have full control of their finances.

Masternodes require a collateral of 15,000 ZNZ and can be run on the Tor network for greater privacy. All transactions on the network are fully verifiable with a built-in blockchain explorer within the software itself. The block reward ratio of staking to masternodes is 35:65.

The ZENZO(ZNZ) digital currency powers the monetary system behind ZENZO’s many use cases, such as the ZENZO Arcade and the ZENZO SDK

For more information, please visit

Blockchain & Coin Specifications

Maximum Coin Supply83,000,000 ZNZ
Consensus AlgorithmProof of Stake (PoS)
Hashing AlgorithmXevan
Masternode Collateral15,000 ZNZ
Premine16,800,000 ZNZ
Zerocoin Start Height101
Block Time1 Minute
Block Size2 MB
Block Maturity50 Blocks
Block Confirmation10
PoS Minimum Age3 hours
PoS Maximum AgeØ
Block Rewards (Staking)35%
Block Rewards (Masternodes)65%

Block Rewards (ZNZ)

Block 116,800,000
Block 2 - 4000.01
Block 401 - 10,00015
Block 10,001 - 50,00013
Block 50,001 - 100,00011
Block 100,001 - ?9

ZENZO Coin (ZNZ) Denomination Table

(Smallest Unit of Measurement)

1 ZNZ100,000,000 ZEN
0.1 ZNZ10,000,000 ZEN
0.01 ZNZ1,000,000 ZEN
0.001 ZNZ100,000 ZEN
0.0001 ZNZ10,000 ZEN
0.00001 ZNZ1,000 ZEN
0.000001 ZNZ100 ZEN
0.0000001 ZNZ10 ZEN
0.00000001 ZNZ1 ZEN

Special thanks to ZENZO Core Developers (including @JSKitty) and other contributors:

@liquid369, @AkshayNexus, @j00v, @sicXnull


ZENZO Core Wallet







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