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Zephyr Stars

This project provides a tabulation of GitHub projects that have been "starred" multiple times by the members and friends of the Zephyr Foundation. Stars mean different things to different people, from "this is a useful tool for work" to "I want to be able to find this again" to "my buddy made a fundraising website". But it is expected that GitHub projects high on this list (i.e. starred by a large number of analytic transportation professionals) will tend to be in the first category.

If you are a member of Zephyr and you would like to be included in this project, or if you would like to nominate other relevant industry professionals to be included, please submit a pull request to add names (both real names and GitHub user names, as shown) in the known-users.yml file.

The tabulated list of stars is shown in the file, and that file is automatically synced to the "stars" page on the Zephyr website Do not edit the file directly; it is regenerated nightly based on the GitHub activity of the known users listed in known-users.yml. Feel free to peruse the script to see how we do it.


A website that tabulates GitHub stars given by transportation modeling professionals affiliated with the Zephyr Foundation.




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