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This is a fix for the Macchiato not responding to MIDI Note Off messages. If you were having issues with your Macchiato leaving notes hanging when used with certain MIDI programs or devices this will resolve that problem.

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The previous few versions were written and compiled with Arduino 1.8x and had some fundamental performance issues that we could not resolve. This version goes back to the much more successful builds using Arduino 1.0.5r2. This version is as stable as the Initial Release, plus has all the new MIDI features of later releases.

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This release fixes some bugs and issues with Major Update One. Most significantly, IT SOUNDS BETTER! We identified some flaws in the audio processing that made for some weird digital distortions and a lower signal-to-noise ratio. These are significantly improved with this fix. If you received your Macchiato before 1-October 2017, it may sound sort of odd. You should download this version and replace your software today!

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Our first major update to the popular Macchiato MiniSynth software.

  1. Now compiles with Arduino 1.8.3 and latest Mozzi Sound Synthesis library
  2. Setup and installation VASTLY simplified
  3. Your Macchiato now responds to the following MIDI control changes from any standard MIDI control device:
    NoteOn velocity, Pitch Bend, Channel Volume, Modulation, and in some special cases, Portamento.
  4. We have additionally made some stability improvements to the code

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This is the original open-source code that we flashed onto the initial Macchiato production run, serial numbers ZD1800-ZD1999. The code was compiled on November 22, 2016 which is evident in some file names where you will see v1_112216. The Macchiato was released for sale on February 1, 2017.

See the Macchiato-Mini-Synth\README.md for detailed instructions on using the setup files to configure your workstation for modifying and compiling your own Macchiato code.