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A simple Spree Slideshow with the aim of creating a slider that's easy to use for normal users.

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Spree Showcase

For anyone who recently upgraded on the master, please pull a file from the gem, please pull a file from the lib.


Spree Showcase is a simple extension that allows you to create the good ol' slideshow. The goal is to create a slideshow extension that makes things easy for the users and programmers. Minimal effort needed.

The secondary objective is to create a slideshow template that allows most types of JS slider to be implemented easily into Spree.

Screenshot of Frontend:

Screenshot of Frontend

Admin Backend:

Screenshot of Backend

Currently, this is the first iteration of the slideshow extension at v0.5.2. Contributors are greatly welcomed =)

Next to come:

  • Adding sliders to different layout positions
  • Enabling more options to be customized in the Admin Menu


Get a clean Spree Installation

rails new spree_demo cd spree_demo spree install

gem 'spree_showcase', :git=>"git://" # Into Gemfile


gem 'spree_showcase' # Ruby Gems

bundle install rails g spree_showcase:install

Remember to run rake assets:clean, otherwise the javascript library might not be loaded.


No tests have been done yet. Use at your own risk!

Copyright (c) 2012 Damon Aw, released under the New BSD License. [What is the BSD license anyway?]

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