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@@ -64,6 +64,28 @@ The remote path to upload too.
Doesn't have to exist as [jsftp-mkdirp]( is used.
+#### options.localPath
+Type: `String`
+Default `'.'`
+The local path to upload from.
+This is useful for example when you use
+gulp.src('_public/js/*').pipe({remotePath: '/www/some/path'});
+And you want the contents of `_public/js` to be uploaded to
+`/www/some/path`, but not `_public/js` itself. Then you just set
+`localPath` to `_public/js` and you are done.
+#### options.logFiles
+Type: `Boolean`
+Default: `true`
+Logging of files as they are uploaded. If set to false, you will only see a message when all files finished.
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