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PSE: Prismata Subreddit Extension

This is a non-official Chrome extension for the Prismata Subreddit /r/Prismata.

It adds a bunch of cool features:

  • Adds icons next to the name the units (the same icons used on flails!).
  • When you hover the mouse on an unit name it displays the unit panel with all the information just like in the game. These panels come directly from the official Prismata Wiki.
  • Each unit name detected is turned into a link to the Wiki page of that unit.
  • Automatically links the game replays IDs


This file is loaded by the extension from this same repo. It has information about all the units in the game, along with a link to the Wiki page, and a link to the official wiki panel picture with all of the unit information.

When a unit change or new units are added we should update it here. You can make a pull request if you want. Although I have the wiki units page on my watchlist, so I get an email when anything changes and I'll try to keep it in sync with the wiki.

Changelog (and planned features)

  • 0.1.0 (current)
    • ✔️ Inject script into the subreddit page and match the whole name of units
    • ✔️ Load units data from the Github repo /data/units.json
    • ✔️ Display the unit picture on mouse hover
    • ✔️ Display flails for matches
    • ✔️ Link to the wiki on each match
  • 0.2.0 (in development)
    • ✔️ Automatically add links to replays
    • Match Prismata post on the front page too, and on titles
    • Add an options page
      • Define if you want to display only the text
      • Define if you want to display only the flails
      • Define the size of the flails
    • Replace standalone letters of basic unit with icons
      • E: Engineer
      • D: Drone
      • C: Conduit
      • B: Blastforge
      • A: Animus
      • F: Forcefield
      • G: Gauss Cannon
      • W: Wall
      • S: Steelsplitter
      • T: Tarsier
      • R: Rhino
  • 0.3.0 (planned)
    • Add a toolbox for injecting units when creating a post or a comment
  • 0.4.0 (planned)
    • Using the toolbox, automatically replace units with CSS-friendly-link equivalent to display icons and allow non-extensions users to see icons too. Gonna need to coordinate with mods to add the ability to use links to display the flail icons changing the subreddit CSS.
  • 0.5.0 (planned)
    • Add instant units search tool to the Reddit search box when inside /r/Prismata


Prismata Subreddit Extension is released under the MIT License.


Prismata and all the Prismata art, images, and lore are copyrighted by Lunarch Studios.


This is a non-official Chrome extension for the Prismata subreddit that adds a bunch of neat features



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