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What is this?

This is the source of, powered by Github pages and Middleman.

This doesn't look like a Middleman project? Where is the source?

That's correct, this is the master branch, Github processes this repository with Jekyll and hosts it as a static website. This is the build directory created by Middleman, you can see the source on the source branch.

How is the build workflow?

I copied the .git folder into the build folder, then I switched the root of the project to the source branch, and the build folder to the master branch. Then when I want to commit a change in the source I commit from the root of the project and when I want to commit a change in the build, I commit from the build folder.

So basically do the following:

git clone
mkdir build
cp -R .git build
checkout source
cd build
checkout master

Development and publishing scripts

To mount the project for development or previewing something you're writing, use:


If you want to preview the static server of the build directory to see that everything is alright (it should be):


And after you're done and want to commit your changes to Github:


Edit: Thank you, me from the past for writing these instructions and scripts.


Repository of my blog. Source on branch source.



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