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libPS4freetype2 is a C & C++ wrapper around standard upstream freetype2

you might be asking, why not use PS4 builtin library? well, (1) there are few reasons, i dont actually have a hackable PS4 Console, (2) that would require some Reverse Engineering and (3) I've been working on getting CMake setup for PS4 projects and wanted to test it on non-PS4 cmake make projects and it worked a treat in this very case (more about CMake later).

How-To CMake

  • to use this library, just add it as subdirectory in cmake add_subdirectory
  • link your app with library PS4freetype2 will automatically include headers directory
  • include one of the following headers C PS4freetype2.h or C++: PS4freetype2.hpp in your project
  • build your cmake project or this project with -DCMAKE_TOOLCHAIN_FILE=$PS4SDK/cmake/PS4.toolchain.cmake argument to set the correct build flags for PS4

Methods Documantation

  • C Methods
    • int initPS4FreeType(int height, int width, DrawText drawText);
    • void finishPS4FreeType();
    • void drawPS4FreeTypeText(int x, int y, const char *text, int size, int color);
    • int addFontPS4FreeType(char* filename);
    • void drawCustomFontPS4FreeTypeText(int x, int y, const char *text, int size, int color, int index);
  • C++ Methods
    • PS4freetype2(int height, int width, DrawText); Constructor
    • void drawText(int x, int y, const char *text, int size, int color);
    • void drawCustomFontText(int x, int y, const char *text, int size, int color, int font_index);
    • int addFont(char* filename);

How-To Methods

  • if you're using C
    • initPS4FreeType(int height, int width, DrawText drawText) should be called 1st, height/width is the screen height/width, while DrawText is a pointer to the draw method provided by your app that takes 3 parameters int x, int y, int color e.g orbis2dWritePixelColor()
      • this is how this would look like initPS4FreeType(720, 1280, &orbis2dWritePixelColor);
    • drawPS4FreeTypeText(int x, int y, const char *text, int size, int color) is self explanatory, x/y are screen positions, size is point per 30 ppi, color is in the format your draw method takes
      • color is expected in RGB format 0x80000000|R<<16|G<<8|B
    • addFontPS4FreeType(char* filename) takes path location to otf or ttf font, on success return value font_index > 0, on fail returns -1
    • drawCustomFontPS4FreeTypeText(int x, int y, const char *text, int size, int color, int font_index) works the same as drawPS4FreeTypeText() except the method requires font_index which is provided by addFontPS4FreeType()
  • if you're using C++
    • methods work exactly the same, as they're merely wrappers for convenience
    • PS4freetype2(int height, int width, DrawText drawText) the constructor takes place instead of initPS4FreeType()
    • there is no equivalent to finishPS4FreeType(), as it will be called automatically on deconstructor
    • since C++ methods can be overloaded drawCustomFontText() will be removed in-favour of an overloaded drawText() method


  • The font will look a bit fuzzy, that's most likely because we dont currently have a way to print pixels with alpha support, as such that channel is completely ignored
  • once we find a different way, I'm likely to update the DrawText method to pass on the Alpha value


  • currently the the free'ing method in finishPS4FreeType() crashes on free(face), so it's been commented out, not sure if there is something wrong, or a misunderstanding on my part
  • the C++ wrapper has not been tested, but it's assumed to work, since it's a mere wrapper


  • Thanks to @ZeraTron & @Fx0day for testing for me (as I dont have a hackable PS4)


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