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reset PS4 time thus reactivating PS+ games
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A simple code that will reset PS4 internal clock back to 2013 thus in turn activating PS+ Games that has been previously or are currently on the console


The code has been currently tested to build using xvortex/ps4-payload-sdk however, i see no reason it wouldnt build with cturt or idc's sdk. To add, the code is rather simple it can be easily ported to any other current SDK or even future SDK(s)




  • PS4 must (at the moment) be on 5.05 update.
  • have a payload loader running (aka open twice until you see Awaiting Payload...)
    • or any other means of running this code on PS4


send the payload to the PS4 using socat (note should be changed to PS4 IP address)

socat FILE:reactPSPLUS.bin TCP:


the payload would set the internal clock to 2013 and your PS+ games would start working, you wouldn't even need to have HEN enabled to use these games since they're legit games and would work normally like any digital game, if you're not connected to the internet, you will not need to run this exploit again. it might be worthwhile dumping your games to make sure you never lose access to them.

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