Submerged units have no los #1490

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rlcevg commented Aug 14, 2016 edited

Steps to reproduce:

  1. run 103.0 spring, IncultaV2wetV3 map, ZK
    Enable cheats
  2. /cheat
    Give few daggers to enemy team above commanders head (commander should be in water)
  3. /give 10 corsh
    Result: daggers seen only when they attack commander or when they get into 1x1 los square above commander. It still has airlos and can see gunships and planes.

In spring 100.0 all daggers inside commanders los radius are visible.
101.0+ bugged

@sprunk sprunk added bug engine labels Aug 15, 2016

not bugged. it's on purpose.
Water & LoS don't mix now.

rlcevg commented Aug 26, 2016 edited

I knew it!
Though Water and AirLoS still mixed?
So what's the modrule to get back previous behaviour? It seems very noticable balance change (for nonexistent sea play)

Edit: I think i'm more interested in how to test submerged units for visibility now? In 100 it had to be in los and radar. Now it's in sonar only? Or there are 3 types of los now: los, airLos, waterLos?


Engine, and I don't think it's bad enough to warrant a gadget.

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