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some sample tools about cocoa touch
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Sometimes, we maybe build some views repeatedly. Because we think that they just will be used under a condition. It's the curse of breaking the rule: DRY. In fact, If we are conscious of view's reusing, we will make more efforts to make it completely independent.

So for recording my growth, for writing less codes, for better tomorrow......

I should create this repository to summary some UI(cocoa Touch) extensions that are likely to be used in our work.


UIButtom + ImageAlignment

The code like this:

button.setImage(image, imageAlignment: .top, spacing: 0, state: .normal)

Effect just like this:

bottom image left margin image right margin image top image

UIImage + QRCodeImage

A sample class func:

QRImageView.image = UIImage.qrImage(content: "我(I) you 🤣", size: CGSize(width: 200, height: 200))

The QR code image as follows:

QR code image

UIImageView + SaveImage

In some cases, we need to save image to local. for example, user avatar, qr code......

UIImageWriteToSavedPhotosAlbum can help us finish it simply. But there is a point should be noticed: get current context graphics image and then save. You can use it like this under this extension:

imageView.saveImage(finishedHandler: ((UIImage) -> Void)? = nil, failedHandler: ((Error) -> Void)? = nil)

UIView + MenuTrigger

We need edit function, we need edit function, we need edit function, so:

myLabel.asMenuTrigger([MenuItem(title: "test", action: #selector(testAction))])

UIImageView and UILabel contain default copy action.

To be continue...

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