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AI Competition of ZeroPage
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AI Competition of ZeroPage

“League of Planet” is break the traditional battle game’s way based on PvP or PvE. In this game, people can get away from this way, and simulate their strategies with other’s on this A.I. Competition platform program based on wars of planet concept. That is, each members can make their A.I. code contained their strategy, and they can compete with other players’ strategy. The strategy of each person can mimic other one’s, or focused on defeating specific player, or even try to make perfect strategy that overwhelms all other strategies.

This repo contains only server side code. So, if you want to test for compete, you should create and upload your ID/AI code.

How to install

test on nodejs v0.10.24 and npm v1.3.21 using nvm

  1. install nodejs(v0.10.24)
  2. install jade, flashify, express using npm
  3. run program using "node app.js" at root directory of the project
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