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menu_name = "MOCP control"
from subprocess import call
from ui import Menu, Printer, DialogBox
callback = None
i = None
o = None
#MOCP commands
def mocp_command(*command, **options):
return call(['mocp'] + list(command))
#We shouldn't print anything to the screen if called from a non-maskable callback
silent = options.get("silent", False)
if not silent:
Printer(["Oops", "Is mocp there?"], i, o, 1)
def mocp_toggle_play():
def mocp_next(silent=False):
mocp_command("-f", silent=silent)
def mocp_prev(silent=False):
mocp_command("-r", silent=silent)
def option_switch_dialog(option):
answer = DialogBox([["On", 'o'], ["Off", 'u'], ["Toggle", "t"]], i, o, message=option.capitalize()+":", name="MOCP {} option control dialog".format(option)).activate()
if answer: mocp_switch_option(answer, option)
shuffle_dialog = lambda: option_switch_dialog("shuffle")
repeat_dialog = lambda: option_switch_dialog("repeat")
autonext_dialog = lambda: option_switch_dialog("autonext")
def mocp_switch_option(switch_type, option):
mocp_command("-{}".format(switch_type), option)
main_menu_contents = [
["Toggle play/pause", mocp_toggle_play],
["Next song", mocp_next],
["Previous song", mocp_prev],
["Shuffle", shuffle_dialog],
["Repeat", repeat_dialog],
["Autonext", autonext_dialog]
def set_global_callbacks():
__main__.input_processor.set_global_callback("KEY_PROG1", mocp_next)
__main__.input_processor.set_global_callback("KEY_CAMERA", mocp_prev)
def init_app(input, output):
global main_menu, callback, i, o
i = input; o = output
#i.set_nonmaskable_callback("KEY_PROG1", lambda: mocp_next(silent=True) )
#i.set_nonmaskable_callback("KEY_CAMERA", lambda: mocp_prev(silent=True) )
main_menu = Menu(main_menu_contents, i, o, "MOCP menu")
callback = main_menu.activate
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