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Plex Metadata Agent for Movies and TV Series libraries
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YouTube-Agent.bundle Plex Movie & TV Series library agent

Download playlist: Take video link: click on top right on playlist name or remove v=video_id .\youtube-dl.exe script for both channels and playlists in format channel [chanid]\title [videoid].ext:

  • youtube-dl -v --dateafter 20081004 --download-archive /volume1/Youtube/.Downloaded -i -o "/volume1/Youtube/%(uploader)s [%(channel_id)s]/%(playlist_index)s - %(title)s [%(id)s].%(ext)s" -f bestvideo+bestaudio -ci --batch-file=/volume1/Youtube/Channels_to_DL.txt
  • Format generated: "Youtube\Errant Signal [UCm4JnxTxtvItQecKUc4zRhQ]\001 - Thanksgiving Leftovers - Battlefield V [Qgdr8xdqGDE]"

YouTube IDs


  • Please use the Absolute Series Scanner to scan your media and leave the YouTube id in the series/movie title
  • leave the YouTube video ID on every file
  • Playlist (preffered) id OR Channel id on series foldername (as Search() need to assign an id to the series)

Naming convention for Movie/Home Video library:

  • filename without extension named exactly the same as the YouTube video
  • filename with youtube video id '[xxxxxxxxxx]'or '[youtube-xxxxxxxxxx]'

Naming convention for TV Series library:

  • movies have to be put in identically named folder named exactly the same as the YouTube video or have youtube video id
  • series foldername with with youtube playlist id '[PLxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx]' in title or inside a file at its root
  • series foldername with with youtube channel id '[UCxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx]' in title or inside a file at its root


  • The Absolute Series Scanner will support file in series folder and pass it to the agent through the series title
  • The agent will support the following formats in file or folder names [xxxxxxxx], [youtube-xxx], [YouTube-xxx], and [Youtube-xxx ]

Movie Library Fields supported:

  • title
  • summary
  • poster
  • rating
  • originally_available_at
  • year
  • genres (many? to test)
  • directors (1)


CaRtOoNz [UCdQWs2nw6w77Rw0t-37a4OA]/

  • Ben and Ed/
    • Ben and Ed _ 'My Zombie Best Friend!' (I Didn't Need Those Legs Anyway!) [fRFr7L_qgEo].mkv
    • Ben and Ed _ 'Clownin Around!' (F_ck You Neck-Beard!) [Nh9eILgD5N4].mkv
  • Golf With Your Friends/
    • Golf With Friends _ HOLE IN ONE...THOUSAND! (w_ H2O Delirious, Bryce, & Ohmwrecker) [81er8CP24h8].mkv
    • Golf With Friends _ GOLF LIKE AN EGYPTIAN! (w_ H2O Delirious, Bryce, & Ohmwrecker) [gKYid-SjDiE].mkv

H2ODelirious [UCClNRixXlagwAd--5MwJKCw]/

  • Ben and Ed/
    • Ben And Ed Ep.1 (MUST SAVE BEN) BRAINNNNNSSSS [9YeXl28l9Yg].mkv
    • Ben And Ed - Blood Party - ANGRYLIRIOUS!!!!! (I CAN DO THIS!) [BEDE2z3G3hY].mkv
  • Golf With Your Friends/
    • Golf With Your Friends - 1st Time Playing! 'Professionals' [wxS52xI_W_Y].mkv
    • Golf With Your Friends - Hitting Balls, Stroking Out! [GdLon0CCEXE].mkv


Forked initially from paulds8 and sander1's 'YouTube-Agent.bundle' movie only agent:

sander1 did the initial movie only agent using a given youtube video id

paulds8 did the initial title search fork i had to fix

Made it into a series agent straight away...


Here is how to find the plug-in folder location:

Plex main folder location:

* '%LOCALAPPDATA%\Plex Media Server\'                                        # Windows Vista/7/8
* '%USERPROFILE%\Local Settings\Application Data\Plex Media Server\'         # Windows XP, 2003, Home Server
* '$HOME/Library/Application Support/Plex Media Server/'                     # Mac OS
* '$PLEX_HOME/Library/Application Support/Plex Media Server/',               # Linux
* '/var/lib/plexmediaserver/Library/Application Support/Plex Media Server/', # Debian,Fedora,CentOS,Ubuntu
* '/usr/local/plexdata/Plex Media Server/',                                  # FreeBSD
* '/usr/pbi/plexmediaserver-amd64/plexdata/Plex Media Server/',              # FreeNAS
* '${JAIL_ROOT}/var/db/plexdata/Plex Media Server/',                         # FreeNAS
* '/c/.plex/Library/Application Support/Plex Media Server/',                 # ReadyNAS
* '/share/MD0_DATA/.qpkg/PlexMediaServer/Library/Plex Media Server/',        # QNAP
* '/volume1/Plex/Library/Application Support/Plex Media Server/',            # Synology, Asustor
* '/raid0/data/module/Plex/sys/Plex Media Server/',                          # Thecus
* '/raid0/data/PLEX_CONFIG/Plex Media Server/'                               # Thecus Plex community    

Get the latest source zip in github release for hama > "Clone or download > Download Zip Folders and copy inside folder Youtube-Agent.bundle-master in plug-ins folders but rename to "Youtube-Agent.bundle" (remove -master) :


If you ask for something already answered in the readme, or post scanner issues on the agent page or vice-versa, please donate (will be refered to as the RTFM tax)

If files and series are showing in Plex GUI with the right season, the scanner did its job If you miss metadata (serie title wrong, no posters, summary, wrong episode title or summaries, ep screenshot, etc...), that is the Agent doing.

To avoid already solved issues, and make sure you do include all relevant logs in one go, please do the following:

  • Update to the latest Absolute Series Scanner, Youtube-Agent
  • deleting all Plex logs leaving folders intact
  • restart Plex
  • Update the series Metadata
  • including all the following logs: (location:
    • [...]/Plex Media Server/Logs/PMS Plugin Logs/com.plexapp.agents.Youtube-Agent.log (Agent logs)
    • [...]/Plex Media Server/Logs/PMS Plugin Logs/com.plexapp.system.log (show why the agent cannot launch)
    • Screen capture to illustrate if needed. Above logs are still mandatory

Support thread for agent:

Donation link:

PayPal.Me/ZeroQI or

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