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jquery Simply Validate

this is short plugin for validate fields.

You need to do:

  • Add plugin to page
  • Add event, to form submit

as example, look in "example/index.html". Short and work example.

To call validate, you need find Form jquery examplar and find in form all input and textarea elements: $('#form').find('input, textarea').validate();

If you want to set other popup default error text, re-define in pligun

var validateEmailError = 'Wrong email adress';
var validateRequiredError ='Fields is required';
var validateRepasswordError = 'Password do not match';
var validateCheckedError = 'You do not accept the license agreement?';

If you want to change text, or add some actions to validate, call validate method with argument 'callback'

$('#form').find('input, textarea').validate(function(item, defaultErrorMessage, showPopupFn) {
    // Here you get. item - jquery exemplar for current validated input
    // defaultErrorMessage - default error text for this input
    // showPopupFn - function, show popup message at field.
        // Popup get next arguments:
        // item - jquery exemplar for current current validated input
        // errorText - new error text message
        // timeout=5 - Timeout for remove current popup, as default = 5

To define, how type validate you need, added to input field in HTML one data-type attribute. Named is data-valid. Data valid has 4 params (at this revision).

  • require - Fields is need required
  • email - Email validate as regular expression
  • checked - Used in checkbox and if not checked, show error message
  • re-password - if field need to mutch with other input, use this value, but, re-password need some more attribute. data-target value need query selector for target element. See example for more detail```