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Make raspberry pi listen for ICMPv6 and print messages from the destination address
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The IPv6 Board project

This is a project inspired by the amazing IPv6 Christmas Tree Send an ICMPv6 Echo Request to 2001:6b0:1001:105/64 to write on the board The host-bits are mapped from their hex-vaule to the ASCII-table. So for example a ping to 2001:6b0:1001:105:4177:6573:6f6d:6521 will print "Awesome!" to the board


  • The board will not show the same message twice in a row, if a message is the same as the previous it will be ignored to discourage flood-ping.
  • The board show the message for 1s then move it upwards when a new message is received.


You will need a Raspberry Pi with the Display-O-Tron HAT and the Display-O-Tron Python Library

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