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A rail shooter powered by the Unity game engine and my Impulse framework.
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Rail Hunter gameplay screenshot

Rail Hunter

This project is released to the public domain under The Unlicense EXCEPT for the following files:

  • Files in the Packages/ folder are bound by the Unity Asset Store EULA and are free assets users can use within those terms.
  • Audio track "Gold Coast" is by Machinima Sound and is licensed under CC-BY 4.0.
  • Audio track "Aduro" is by Machinima Sound and is licensed under CC-BY 4.0.


  • Title, options, game over screens.
  • Music player.
  • Timeline-driven rails gameplay.
  • Local space player ship movement with aileron roll mechanic.
  • Enemies fire homing missiles randomly within min/max firing range.
  • Enemies flash red emission on hit.
  • Top score and options screen settings saved using PlayerPrefs.

Project Architecture

This project is built using the Impulse Framework.

  • Zenject is used for DI, binding, memory pool, and event system (signals). To see how the scene is wired, look at the GameInstaller component attached to SceneContext.
  • Input handling is done by InputListener. It listens to input from the CrossPlatformInput manager and fires events accordingly.
  • Player is set up using a Model-View-Controller pattern (MVC), where the model and controller are in Scripts/Player and the views are in Ships/PlayableShips. PlayableShip is the abstract class for player-controllable ship views. Note that there is only one playable ship, but the structure allows for adding more views easily - just extend PlayableShip and put the new script on a new ship object.
  • Weapons implement IWeapon and must have an impact damage property. See MissileWeapon, ScoutShipView, and PlayerController for how the impact damage amount is passed via event.
  • Rails gameplay is driven by Timeline. The player path runs at 0.8 speed since I originally made it too fast. Each 'wave' of enemy ships is tuned to run at a different speed for a more smooth gameplay experience.
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