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Basic ProtoSS Node.js Server
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ProtoSS Node.js Server

Simple printed server from ProtoSS Packages using XeltoSS synthesis.

GZIP is applied automatically using content-type header and Apache/NGINX configuration based on root folder.

Cookies are set based on PHP setcookie function.

Create a server subclass of ProtoSSChe and override methods.

Folder modules contains examples and base extends of the server, including sample stats.json per server.

FileSystem module is used to maintain stats.json and current number of requests per 5s interval. Each reload of server reads the file.

Server executes requests non-stop and labels them by unique id __reqid, subclass server must extend functionality and create workers using SkytoSS.

Preview server in the browser using PING-shPONGle request returning omitted client data.

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